All 33 Miners Rescued

Get the Champagne ready: The last of the Chilean miners, Luis Urzua, 54, the captain of the crew that had been trapped underground for more than two months, emerged from the Plan B shaft at 8:58 p.m. EST on Wednesday. One-by-one throughout the day, each of the 33 miners was hoisted through the shaft to joyous celebrations from their friends and family. All the miners were in good health, except for one man who had pneumonia and is being treated with antibiotics. The miners were pulled out with the medium-strongest first, followed by the weakest and then the strongest, with Urzua, the crew’s captain, last. Wednesday’s dramatic 11-hour rescue transfixed the world, becoming the Internet’s fifth-most read-about online event since the Akamai Net Usage Index for News began counting in 2005. The only news events to draw more people to the Web were World Cup matches, Wimbledon, and Barack Obama’s inauguration.