Octo Drama

Another Octo-Rep Bites the Dust

For a woman with the power the shift the world's news cycle, Nadya Suleman sure has trouble with representation. Last night Us Weekly reported that the Octo-mom has burned through and alienated her second publicist in one month. Victor Munoz explained, "It just got to be too much.... Nadya got real greedy. The woman is nuts. This I can say: what ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons." Munoz may be looking for representation of his own, soon: Us Weekly reports that he is consulting lawyers on the ins and outs of his confidentiality clause. Munoz's resignation comes on the heels of reports that Suleman is negotiating in the seven-figure range for rights to a video recording of the octuplet's birth. Suleman's first publicist quit relatively early in the octo-saga due to threats on her personal safety.