Police: Argument Over Vomit Sparked Fatal Shooting by Uber Driver

An Uber passenger was allegedly shot and killed over “a large amount of vomit” in the backseat of the ride-share vehicle and a dispute regarding a possible “clean-up fee,” the Albuquerque Journal reports. The victim, James Porter, and his friend, Jonathan Reyes, were picked up from an area bar on St. Patrick’s Day by Uber driver Clayton Benedict, according to a search warrant affidavit. Benedict allegedly told police they were driving south on I-25 when Reyes threw up, prompting an argument over a potential clean-up fee, police said. Benedict then allegedly pulled over on the interstate and told the men to get out of his vehicle before informing them he gave Porter a “one star” review on the ride share app. The review is said to have prompted Porter to slam the car door, leading to a heated verbal altercation between him and Benedict that culminated in Benedict allegedly pulling out a handgun after Porter threw sunglasses. Benedict told police that Porter yelled, “You’re not going to shoot me,” before walking towards the open driver’s side door and threatening to “run you over with your own car.” Benedict allegedly told cops he fired “an unknown amount of rounds” at Porter’s “center mass.” Prosecutors have yet to charge Benedict with a crime.