Parents of Detained Journalist Austin Tice Have ‘No Doubt’ He’s Alive After Six Years

The parents of journalist Austin Tice told NBC News they have “no doubt” that their son is still alive after being detained in Syria for over six years. “It’s important for those that are in authority over Austin’s release to know that no one is benefiting from his detention,” Austin’s mother, Debra, said. “But when he is released, there will be great benefit and sincere appreciation from the United States government.” Since Tice was detained in 2012, Debra and her husband, Marc, have stayed in contact with the Syrian government and have made frequent trips to the Middle East. The couple have also spoken to President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who have reportedly told them they are doing whatever they can to bring Austin home. The FBI have announced a $1 million reward for information on Tice, and a State Department official told NBC they are still operating under the assumption that he is alive. The official also said the agency was “still liaising through our Czech colleagues to press the Assad regime to acknowledge his detainment and release.”