Bernie Madoff's Best-Kept Secrets

It’s a good thing Bernie’s already in the slammer: Madoff With the Money, a new book by Jerry Oppenheimer due out next month, includes scandalous new allegations about the Ponzi schemer. According to the New York Post, the book alleges that Madoff was a “serial Casanova,” who, when caught in the act by his wife, was forced to pay “hush money” to at least one female employee. It also claims that the “genesis of Bernie’s career” came from a mentor with ties to the Chicago mob, and before they learned of his Ponzi scheme, acquaintances say they thought Madoff was “the dumbest man on earth.” And a friend reportedly ran into Madoff in Central Park before his arrest and noticed that he was wearing two gold Rolexes on the same wrist. When he enquired, Madoff replied: “I gotta know what time it is in my London office.” Said the friend: “Think about that – Bernie couldn’t do the addition or the subtraction!”