Biden's Stand-Up a Hit

Barack Obama couldn't make it to the Gridiron Club dinner, an annual white-tie party held by journalists and White House officials, but his absence from the traditional presidential stop gave Vice President Joe Biden something to do for a change. Filling in for Obama, Biden won over the crowd mostly by poking fun at himself, from his suspiciously full head of hair to his penchant for gaffes. Staying on message, he also threw in a gag about outrage over corporate bonuses. "I’d like to address some of the things I said: Like when I said that ‘JOBS’ is a three-letter word," Biden said. "I did say that. But I didn’t mean it literally. It’s like how, right now, most people think AIG is a four-letter word." Obama, who was at Camp David last night, was the first president to skip his inaugural invitation to the event since Grover Cleveland, whom Biden joked had better things to do on a Saturday night, like hanging out with his 21-year-old wife.