British Invasion!

Fish and chips, the Tube—sometimes it seems like the Brits have everything delightful in this world. At least now they’re sharing Topshop with the U.S. and are willing to dole out advice about getting through the frenzied crowds. The store finally opens its New York doors this week and The Guardian has published a survival guide: Bring disinterested friends to stand in fitting room lines for you. Pack earplugs to survive the soundtrack in the “carefully cultivated pop-hipster atmosphere.” Do a few sit-ups before dashing to the store as you might be stripping in between racks to score the right size. The article also gets cheeky: “Nothing betrays novice Topshop status like asking for help. Don't be that girl.” And lastly, when in doubt, balance your prints and throw a nubby cardigan on top. Voila, you look just like a Brit!