C Street Rolls Out Rebrand

Ever since philandering politicians John Ensign and Mark Sanford mentioned C Street, the D.C. townhouse of a secretive Christian fellowship, the group has caught a bad rap for being "ground zero for Republican sex scandals." Today, Politico quoted lawmakers portraying C Street as a "benevolent prayer group," in what looks like an aggressive attempt to rebrand the fellowship from cheaters club to Bible study, reports Talking Points Memo. Senators Jim DeMint and James Inhofe are among the congressmen quoted praising C Street as a place where lawmakers help each other to stay on the straight and narrow through prayer. Leaders said the group helps politicians "confront their personal demons." An ex-lawmaker from Oklahoma said the house is not meant for people who are "willfully" committing adultery, though it's unclear if the fellowship has official rules about its members' behavior. John Ensign is currently living at C Street.