Carter Page Rebuffs Senate Intel Committee: Ask Obama for My Russia Communications

A former Trump campaign national security adviser rebuffed the Senate Intelligence Committee in a letter last week, in response to the committee’s request for records of his communications with Russians. In the letter, onetime adviser Carter Page alleged that the Obama administration illegally surveilled him and that the U.S. government influenced last year’s election. Page did not provide evidence for these claims. “I suspect the physical reaction of the Clinton/Obama regime perpetrators will be more along the lines of severe vomiting when all the facts are eventually exposed regarding the steps taken by the U.S. Government to influence the 2016 election,” he wrote. CNN reported that the committee is willing to subpoena the records if the subjects involved in the investigation—Page, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, among others—do not comply with its requests. In a statement, GOP Sen. Richard Burr and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, the chairman and vice chairman respectively, responded to Page’s letter. “Mr. Page has indicated in correspondence to the committee that he looks forward to working with us on this matter, and that our cooperation will help resolve what he claims are false allegations,” Burr and Warner said. “For that to happen, Mr. Page must supply the requested documents to the committee.”