Charlie Sheen’s Enablers

Actor Tom Arnold, who helps stage recoveries for addicted celebrities, says he approached one of Charlie Sheen’s close friends about getting help for the star. "I went to a person close to him and said, ‘This guy is in serious trouble with serious drugs. We’ve got to help him,’ ” Mr. Arnold tells The New York Times. “And this person flat-out told me to my face, ‘We make a lot of money from him. I can’t be part of it.’ That tells you everything you need to know.” After two years of trying to convince Sheen to seek help, CBS finally shut down production of Two and a Half Men after the star reneged on an agreement to enter rehab. One source says Sheen used his money-making power to keep any kind of morals provision out of his CBS contract that would allow him to be fired or replaced for bad behavior.