Creepy Feeling

First things first: I think Bob Schieffer did an amazing job moderating this debate, even though he was stuck with the most uncomfortable format. Watching these guys sit at the same desk was like watching two recently divorced spouses stuck next to each other at a wedding reception. Too close. I don’t want to think about their feet touching. Secondly: Why did John McCain begin two out of three debates by announcing that some famous person is ill? In the first debate, he told us that Ted Kennedy was back in the hospital. This time he began by telling us that Nancy Reagan is ailing. We all obviously wish both Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Reagan speedy recoveries, but why is McCain taking it upon himself to be the gossipy housewife leaning over the fence to say, “Did you hear? Mrs. Blabla down the block just found out she has a cyst!” I find it very interesting that he did not send any good wishes to Dick Cheney. I mean, the guy only had to have his heart zapped back into beating a few hours ago. Nothing? Shouldn’t we all sign a card? And lastly: I am glad that Joe the Plumber got his fifteen minutes of tax question fame, but I wanted to hear more about the issues affecting the citizens I know. My friend Jill the Stripper is concerned about nipple tassel costs. My neighbor Dave the Web Designer wants to know if Facebook friends can be converted into an alternative energy source. My cousin Bob the Pot Dealer is very worried about something he can’t remember to think about.

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