Dirty Money

Dems Reroute Madoff Donations

Though a piddling sum when compared to Ponzi artist Bernie Madoff's multi-million dollar homes and lavish lifestyle, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee gave $100,000 in Madoff contributions back to a trustee appointed with the task of liquidating Madoff's assets and using the money to compensate his victims. According to the New York Times' The Caucus blog, Bernie and wife Ruth gave nearly $240,000 to "federal candidates, parties and committees since 1991, with 88 percent of that going to Democrats." Among Bernie's favorites were Senators Charles E. Schumer of New York—who donated $30K in Madoff family contributions to Madoff victims' trustee—and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut—who gave $1,500 to the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor, is one of Madoff's most outspoken victims.