Dinesh D'Souza Shares Fake Hillary-Confederate Flag Photo

Dinesh D’Souza excitedly took to social media on Tuesday to share with his followers an incredible discovery: “Look closely at this Hillary photo–isn’t that a #ConfederateFlag behind her on the bookshelf?” he tweeted. Tens of thousands of people “liked” D’Souza’s Facebook post, and posted comments like “Mr. D’Souza, she could pose in a KKK Grand Dragon outfit, burning a picture of MLK and hugging Charles Manson, and she would still be the top choice for the Democratic candidate.” Alas, the image was fake. “Whoops,” D’Souza said when The Daily Beast alerted him of his error and asked if he planned to correct it. “I did not know that. Someone sent it to me and I figured it must have been from their Arkansas days.” A few minutes later, D’Souza tweeted: “CORRECTION: Disregard the photoshopped Confederate flag in the background of the Hillary photo and simply focus on those glasses and hairdo.” D’Souza edited his Facebook post to say, “Even if the #ConfederateFlag was edited into this Hillary photo, WHAT is going on with those glasses and that hairdo?”

— Olivia Nuzzi