Dozens Injured in Bogota Blast

At least 26 people were injured Sunday in an explosion near a bullring in the Colombian capital. Most of the victims were police officers, Reuters reported, citing authorities in Bogota. The blast occurred outside a bullring where animal rights activists were preparing to hold a protest against bullfights in the city, though it’s unclear if the protesters were the intended targets. Demonstrations against bullfighting have resulted in several clashes between police and protesters since a court ruled to reinstate bullfighting earlier this year. The national police issued a statement after the explosion saying it “rejects and condemns these acts of barbarism that affect the integrity of our police and other citizens.” Bogota mayor Enrique Penalosa called for an urgent meeting of the security council in the wake of the attack, according to the BBC. “The terrorists won’t intimidate us,” he wrote on Twitter. “We are going to do all that’s necessary to capture them,” he wrote.