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Enquirer: McCain 'Shocker'

From the occasionally accurate National Enquirer, here’s another “world exclusive” to be taken with an enormous grain of salt: Cindy McCain, the magazine reports, has been caught cheating. Or at least a woman with a Cindyesque mane of white-blond hair has been caught kissing a man who is definitely not John in a grainy photo. McCain and the mystery man (described by a witness as resembling a “washed-up ’80s rock musician”) have been seen at concerts and sporting events together. A witness who saw the pair at a Moody Blues concert says, “They kissed and cuddled. While other concertgoers stood up to cheer and sing, Cindy and the guy remained entwined in their seats.” Spare a thought for John McCain bravely turning up on the comedy shows while the National Enquirer puts the boot in.