National Security

Feds Search Leak Suspect’s Computer

The Pentagon is searching computers used by Pfc. Bradley Manning to see if they can find proof that he divulged the thousands of military documents just leaked by whiste-blower site WikiLeaks. Although Manning was stationed in Iraq, the intelligence analyst may still have had access to materials related to the war in Afghanistan. "He is someone we are looking at closely," said a Pentagon spokesman. Manning was charged in July with leaking classified information to an “unauthorized source,” presumably WikiLeaks, for a video that showed the killing of two Reuters journalists in Iraq by Apache helicopters in 2007. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, refused to reveal his “courageous source,” and would only say, "There is no allegation as far as we can determine" that the leak is "connected to Bradley Manning." However, Assange has “committed funds” to Manning’s legal defense.