Fired? Try Adult Entertainment

Desperate times, desperate measures. Across the country, women who have lost their job are finding openings at strip clubs and in adult entertainment. Many of the newcomers are college grads with white collar resumes who can't find a gig in the current economic turmoil. Though a job in adult entertainment certainly has its drawbacks, the pay—as much as a couple thousand a week at a club in Chicago—makes the leering customers a little easier to tolerate. But adult entertainment is no longer recession proof. According to porn mogul Larry Flynt, many of the smaller studios are going under, making it harder to climb the ladder in porn. Big spenders at strip clubs aren't making it rain like they used to, either. Lastly, there is the stigma of adult entertainment. No matter how desperate for a job you are, one veteran admonishes would-be Jenna Jamesons, "Once you make an adult film, it never goes away."