Funniest Moments from the Golden Globes

From Mariah getting saucy on the red carpet to Mo’Nique stealing the show here are the funniest (and a few of the most touching) moments from the Golden Globes.

From Mariah getting saucy on the red carpet to Mo’Nique stealing the show here are the funniest (and a few of the most touching) moments from the Golden Globes. Plus, view our gallery of the Golden Globes red carpet and after-parties.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Golden Globes

Mariah Carey showed up with all her assets on display, prompting Ryan Seacrest to say, “Subtlety is her name.” Speaking of subtle, talk quickly turned to her recent loopy acceptance speech in Palm Springs. She said that in retrospect, maybe she would have had a little less to drink that night, but “I didn’t realize they put the champagne on the tables so we wouldn’t drink it.”

Biggest Movie Stars in the World Taunt Jeff Zucker

Is there no end to Jeff Zucker’s and NBC’s pain? On the red carpet, looking as radiant as ever, and just hanging out with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Julia Roberts took a few moments to needle Billy Bush about NBC being a network “in the toilet.” Nice guy Tom Hanks landed a zinger as well. Somewhere, David Letterman is smiling.

What Would Sue Sylvester Do?

Ryan Seacrest took his life into his own hands by replaying footage of Glee star Jane Lynch getting bird-bombed at a movie premiere. Lynch took it in stride, though, which is lucky for Seacrest, because her TV alter ego would so be wearing his spine as a necklace by now.

Rourke Wedgies Seacrest; Swirlie to Come Later

Lynch was, however, avenged moments later when Mickey Rourke showed up and lived the American dream by giving Ryan Seacrest not one, but two wedgies on live TV.

Things Get Weird With Giuliana Rancic

Oh, the joy of live television. Where else can you see such a stellar red carpet meltdown? E! host Giuliana Rancic used her interview with Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick to try and lure George Clooney over for an interview. Cue a full minute of Rancic screaming “George! George!” followed, no doubt, by Clooney filing a restraining order.

Ricky Gervais, Actually Funny

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Lots of questions hovered around Gervais before the show. Would he be funny? Would he bomb? Would he make jokes only about Steve Carell? The answer to the last is no, because he needed to talk about his penis and touching himself. That invitation to host the Kennedy Center Honors should be coming any day now!

Mo’Nique Wins the Night

She refused to do promotional interviews for the shocking reason that she felt her performance in Precious should do the talking. It offended more than a few journalists but the strategy—or lack of it—worked. Mo’Nique deservedly won best-supporting actress and gave a heartfelt speech that should be required viewing for any award show nominee who plans to stand up there and read a list of names.

Dexter Triumphant: Michael C. Hall Wins

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, who is currently undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma, gave a muted but heartfelt speech for his win as best actor. “It’s really a hell of a thing to go to work at a place where everybody gives a damn,” he said.

Julianna Margulies Kicks NBC While It’s Down

Julianna Margulies beat out Glenn Close, January Jones, Anna Paquin, and Kyra Sedgwick to bring home the Globe for her freshman drama, The Good Wife. She used her speech to take a swipe at embattled network NBC, thanking CBS’s Les Moonves “for believing in the ten o’clock drama.” Me-ouch.

Meryl Streep Wins ANOTHER Award, But Does So with Grace and Humor

You could sense that as Streep stepped up to accept her seventh Golden Globe of her career—this one for best actress in a comedy or musical—that was a bit of a challenge was before her. Namely, how to keep an aura of likeability when you have won A MILLION AWARDS. Streep accomplishes it with a little bantering with Nora Ephron, a little invocation of her mother, and genuine gratitude for the work of her colleagues.

Drew Barrymore Returns to Form With Loopy Speech

Hollywood’s wild child returned to her roots, as Drew Barrymore celebrated her Grey Gardens win with a rambling, breathy speech. “Mo’Nique, you set the bar this evening in your speech,” Barrymore said, before launching into a monologue that blended the heartfelt emotion of Mo’Nique with the wackadoodle rambling of Mariah Carey.

Scorsese Came for an Award, Got Roasted Instead

After Martin Scorsese honored Robert DeNiro so kindly and eloquently at the Kennedy Center Honors, DeNiro repaid the Cecil B. DeMille Award winner with a ribald and hilarious tribute that made Ricky Gervais’ quips look downright tame.

First Rule of Hosting: Don’t Mess with Paul McCartney

Want to feel a room turn against you in a second? Make fun of Paul McCartney’s divorce—while he’s in the room.

Gervais Plays Quick Game of Kick-the-Presenters

Not all of Gervais' jokes rose like lead balloons, however. His takedowns of boozey presenters Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell were gut-punchingly hilarious, no doubt making every other actor in the room relieved to not be on the receiving end of a Gervais barb. When Farrell got on stage, he said, "I heard Ricky had specifically asked to introduce me and I thought, 'Well, balls.'"

James Cameron: Talented, Yes, Rich, Yes. Still Awkward.

James Cameron, whose Avatar went on to snag Best Motion Picture, delivered a rather colorful speech for his Best Director win. Sandwiched between an awkward joke about how presenter Mel Gibson is his real life neighbor and an awkward quote in Avatar’s fictional Na'avi language was a really awkward comment about how he hadn’t prepared a speech because he assumed Kathryn Bigelow, his ex-wife, was going to win for Hurt Locker. Yikes.

Glee Wins, Gleeks Everywhere Die of Joy

Underdog Glee brought home the gold for best comedy series, beating out perennial faves 30 Rock, Entourage, and The Office, and fellow newcomer Modern Family. Creator Ryan Murphy used his speech to talk about the importance of arts education and, of course, cheer for the underdogs, saying, “This is for anybody and everybody who got a wedgie in high school!” Sorry, Seacrest, he said high school wedgies, not red carpet…

Elementary, My Dear Watson: Robert Downey Jr. Snags Best Actor

Consider the comeback complete. Robert Downey Jr. won best actor in a comedy or musical for his performance in Sherlock Holmes. Hollywood’s ultimate bad boy may be reformed, but he hasn’t lost his swagger. His saucy speech kicked off with Downey threatening to “tear this joint apart” if they tried to cut him off with a musical cue, before thanking his wife “for telling me that Matt Damon was going to win so don’t bother to prepare a speech.”

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