Gay Cop Sues NYPD

A 33-year-old New York police officer says he has been tormented by his co-workers and fellow officers at a Queens precinct for being gay. After four years as a detective at the Jamaica Queens police station, “John Doe” says he is “punching back” after fellow officers called him a “rat,” “f----t” and "meat gazer" and made crude gestures toward him. His previous complaints were ignored and Doe now faces disciplinary charges for supposedly duplicating a patrolman’s shield. In the suit filed for Doe’s disciplinary charges, he states that he was transferred to rudimentary parking-patrol duties after officers harassed him in his previous post. He also states that the NYPD shared the names of officers who attended a gay officers’ conference with other precincts. "I opened my mouth and reported corruption and misconduct, and this is what happens," he said. "To not see anything done is absolutely disgusting."