Creeping Suspicions

Giuliani: Obama ‘Cover-Up’ on Benghazi

Rudy Giuliani smells something fishy about the Obama administration’s response to the recent attacks in Benghazi, Libya. “Who put Susan Rice on it? The State Department? Or the political people? It was a political appearance on CNN,” the former NYC mayor said on CNN Monday morning. “So what they’re really trying to do is they’re trying to run out the car. They’re going to have this investigation; the investigation will be after the debate, after the election is over, so what they’re trying to do is cover up this scandal as much as possible.” When asked to back up and clarify whether he really meant the Obama administration was orchestrating a cover-up, Guiliani doubled down. “This sounds like a cover-up. I mean if this weren’t a Democratic president, I think all of you people would be crazy,” he said.