Greg Mortenson to Undergo Heart Surgery

On top of being heavily scrutinized by the media over allegations of literary fraud and financial mismanagement, Greg Mortenson’s physical health is suffering, too. The philanthropist and bestselling co-author of Three Cups of Tea canceled an appearance at a charity event on May 3 sponsored by the Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ. Officials with the church announced that they were told Mortenson was having surgery in Bozeman, Montana, to repair a hole in his heart and wouldn’t be able to make it to the event. “Given the surgery and recuperation time, Mortenson’s agent said it was impossible for him to fulfill his engagement,” the church group said. Mortenson was allegedly set to give an inspiring speech in Worcester to clergy and laity in regard to his charity work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. CBS’ 60 Minutes and author Jon Krakauer have both reported that Mortenson stretched the truth in Three Cups of Tea and may have pocketed some of the money donated to his school charity. But the author recently responded to the attacks in an interview with Outside magazine and insisted he had done nothing wrong.