Model Behavior

Hugo Boss Model Arrested in Holdup Ring

You call this model behavior? Joshua Walter, a 20-year-old Hugo Boss model who became famous for being the “boy toy” of a 37-year-old teacher (with whom he still shares an apartment), was charged Thursday for involvement in a criminal ring that’s robbed 15 gas stations and delis in the last month. The model and his gang had mastered the holdup like a walk down the runway: They would allegedly go into a store—from a Dunkin’ Donuts (where the model apparently pistol-whipped a victim), to vegetable markets and gas stations around Brooklyn and Queens—steal the cash from the register, and then empty the pockets of everybody in the place. The gang was busted in its van on Thursday night, and was taken straight to a lineup. The slammer may be a far cry from the catwalks of Milan, but it looks like Wallace will have to get used to prison chic.