Independents Swing to GOP

Three days before voters go to the polls, it looks like there is no more avoiding a landslide defeat for the Democrats. Independents are swinging heavily toward Republican candidates, potentially tipping the balance for four closely contested Senate seats and in dozens of competitive House races. Some in the GOP say it could win as many as 70 House seats, a feat not acheived since 1948 and well beyond the 39 it needs to seize control. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, shows that 52 percent of independents who backed Democrats in 2006 and 2008 plan to vote Republican next week. The reason independents seem to be siding with Republicans this election season seems to be their frustration with President Obama, two years after many of them contributed to his victory. "This race is all about President Obama," one Democratic pollster said. His job rating among independents is just 40 percent.