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Iranian and Israeli Singers in Christmas Duet

Quote of the day:

"We inform Hamas in a timely manner, that we will be in such and such area, and Hamas spreads out its people on the other side to maintain the peace."

--Channel 10 reveals conversation in which Gaza Division commander Gen. Miki Eisenstein reveals on coordination between Hamas and Israel.

  • In a conversation with Israelis that was obtained by Channel 10 News, Gen. Miki Eisenstein, the Gaza Division commander, revealed 'surprising security coordination' between Israel and Gaza through Egypt. "We have today an area of a hundred yards (from the security fence) from which we operate inside the Gaza Strip. In the beginning, they (Hamas) demanded that we don't enter even one meter. We passed them a message that it was to their advantage, and that it will reduce their need to act against the Palestinians who go to the fence to riot and they accepted that.
  • Israeli rights group slams police response to anti-Prawer protests - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel slammed "disproportionate police conduct" and intimidation of protesters following the widespread crackdown across the country against Saturday's "Day of Rage" demonstrations. (Maan)
  • Video: Israeli soldier fires gas canister at rights volunteer - Israeli human rights group B'Tselem on Monday released video footage of an Israeli soldier deliberately firing tear gas canisters at a Palestinian volunteer in Beit Ummar. (Maan+VIDEO)
  • Referendum bill heads to Knesset for final readings - The bill mandates a referendum and a special majority vote in the Knesset for any government decision involving ceding sovereign Israeli territory in east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal. (Israel Hayom)
  • Peres highlights nuclear Iran and Islamist extremism in video address to Arab leaders - Peres also raises his vision of peace to 29 representatives of the Arab and Muslim world attending the Gulf States Security Summit in Abu Dhabi. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Hundreds of Gazans protest at sea over Israeli naval blockade - Palestinian fishermen say they cannot meet demand in Gaza due to the blockade limiting fisherman to within six nautical miles (11 km) from the coast. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Israeli, Iranian in Christmas duet - Young Israeli singer Liel Kolet, exiled Iranian singer Ebrahim Hamedi record together English version of song originally performed by Israel's Boaz Sharabi in Hebrew. 'We wanted to convey a joint message of peace from a Jew and Muslim,' Kolet says. (Ynet+VIDEO)

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