Iraqi PM Blasts WikiLeaks Dump

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has come out strongly against Friday’s WikiLeaks release of 400,000 documents from the Iraq war. Al-Maliki says the whistleblower’s document dump means he will struggle to come back into office for a second term. Ayad Allawi, al-Maliki’s leading political rival, has said it is the current administration’s poor security that has led to so many innocent Iraqi deaths; the documents showcase dozens of incidents where U.S. troops ignored torture cases, killed innocent civilians and knew about several Iran-Iraq schemes. In a statement from the Iraqi government, al-Maliki, whose governing coalition is extremely tenuous, promised to investigate the uncovered shootings from the Blackwater security company. Meanwhile, many Iraqis reacted with a shrug to the leaks. “We’re used to violence,” one said.