Is Kendrick Lamar Dropping Another Album Sunday? Fans Think So

The rapper’s new album, ‘DAMN.,’ dropped last night. Get ready for round two Sunday, his fans theorize.

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That’s the title of Kendrick Lamar’s brand-new album, which dropped last night. It’s also how you’ll feel if the rapper releases another album — this weekend.

As soon as DAMN. dropped, Lamar’s fans got to work breaking down the meaning in the album. There’s a theory gathering steam fast that there’s yet another album coming on Sunday called Nation. This theory first surfaced in the r/Kendrick Lamar subreddit, and it centers around the fact that DAMN. was released on Good Friday (read: crucifixion), and in two days, it’ll be Easter Sunday (read: resurrection). Take damn, add nation, and you’ve got… wait for it… Damnation.

To add fuel to the fire, if you check the back cover of DAMN., you could surmise that the highlighted end letters of each track make an anagram for “Earth led 2 death” or “Death 2 the leader,” all of which could relate back to the crucifixion of Jesus. There are a bunch more minute fan-plucked details, but here’s a bigger tip-off: This second Kendrick album was surreptitiously affirmed by an in-house producer for Kendrick’s label:

Stay tuned, nation.