Jacko's Final Rehearsal: The Movie

AEG Live, the controversial concert company that some say forced Michael Jackson into a grueling rehearsal regimen leading up to his death, plans to keep making money even after his death. Footage from Jacko's final rehearsal, which made its way to the public on Thursday, could turn into a motion picture, AEG CEO Randy Phillips says. "He [Jackson] was our partner in life and now he's our partner in death ... If we do our jobs right, we could probably raise hundreds of millions of dollars just on stuff we have worldwide and then the estate could eradicate its debt," Phillips told the Associated Press. The AEG chief said that he released the clip of the final rehearsal because he thought Jackson was being portrayed too negatively in the media: "I said let's grab one piece where we can show people where he was headed. He was getting his moves together."