Kerrigans Sued Son in 2008

Domestic troubles in the Kerrigan family began well before the Olympic figure skater's older brother was charged in the assault of their 70-year-old father early Sunday morning. In March 2008, Nancy Kerrigan's parents sued their son to recover $105,000 they had lost paying for everything from his mortgage to food for his pets. Daniel and Brenda Kerrigan claimed in court papers that their son Mark had agreed to reimburse them once his house in Wilmington, Massachusetts, sold, but "failed, refused, and neglected to make full payment on demand." That's while Mark was serving a two-year sentence on an assault, drug, and property-destruction conviction. The 47-year-old plumber was divorced by his wife in 2007 over "cruel and abusive treatment." The parents' attorney said in December 2008 that the family feud "had been resolved" and the civil action was dismissed—but only after the Kerrigans laid out in excruciating detail what their son owed them (including $40 for dog food). Daniel Kerrigan collapsed and died of a massive heart attack after Sunday's incident, according to his wife, who is legally blind.