Late-Night Showdown: What You Missed

The longer the late-night drama rages on, the more vicious the jokes, jabs, and rants become. Watch as Leno, Letterman, O’Brien, Fallon, Kimmel, and Ferguson duke it out…again.

Conan Finds New Way to Mock NBC, Possibly Get Himself Fired

Henry Blodget on Business Insider has an interesting take on the biting piece of satire—that Conan may be flirting with getting fired for cause, which would lead not just to the end of his show, but massive losses of severance pay. We’re all just speculating here, folks, but watching this bit you can’t help wonder if Conan will make it to the Olympics broadcast he mocks.

Conan, Interrupted

The writers’ meeting that produced this sketch must have been bittersweet, to put it mildly. Here’s fictional NBC page Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock leading a tour of “the former home of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.”

David Letterman Gloats, Loves It

Times may be tough for Jay and Conan, but Dave seems to be having a jolly old time of himself, mocking his rivals and former network. He devoted much of Wednesday night’s monologue to the late-night debacle, reveling in Schadenfreude.

Letterman: “What the Zuck?”

Next came Dave’s top ten list, “Top Ten Messages On Jeff Zucker's Answering Machine.” It’s safe to assume that Dave has no intentions of ever returning to NBC. Ever.

Letterman Overshares?

Things got weird later in the show, as Dave continued to rant (and rant and rant) about the “pinheads, nitwits, twits, knuckle-draggers, and mouth-breathers” who ran NBC when he was there—and reminisce about a time when he wouldn’t let a bigwig into his anniversary party. Can we cry mercy?

Jay Leno Attempts to Laugh With

Fast-becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes, Jay “Big Jaw” Leno fought back Wednesday night—sort of. After taking a few jabs at NBC, aka, “America’s Most Dysfunctional TV Family,” he feebly called out Jimmy Kimmel for his (rather brutal) impersonation of him. Perhaps if he pretends it’s all in good fun, everyone else will, too?

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Jimmy Kimmel Stars as Himself

The wig and prosthetic chin came off Wednesday night, as Jimmy Kimmel starred on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as…himself. Apparently, though, Jay Leno’s people have invited the ABC host to appear on The Jay Leno Show Thursday, to discuss his experience transforming into Jay. We’re already cringing.

Jimmy Fallon Plays the Sheepish Little Brother

After addressing the fiasco straight away in his monologue, Jimmy Fallon took time to honor the stars of this ever-unfolding drama. Like a kid brother worshiping his worldly older siblings, the late-night newbie earnestly thanked his rivals for their support—before, of course, engaging in the requisite NBC-bashing. “I feel like I met a great women, I got married, and now I’m finally getting to know my in-laws,” he jokes. “And they are cra-zay.”

Craig Ferguson Talks It Out With a Puppet

Every man has his coping mechanisms, and for Craig Ferguson, his appear to involve puppets. The Late Late Show host kicked off his show with a heart-to-heart with a Jeff Zucker cut-out, in which he made it clear that he was fine (thank you very much) at CBS. That is, before revealing that he's scared sh*tless a few moments later.

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