Liberal Super PAC Looks for Small Donors

Wednesday marks the launch of PAC+, a new liberal super PAC that focuses its fundraising on smaller donors. The organization, led by San Francisco–based attorney Steve Phillips, aims to organize Latino and African-American voters in Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Ohio, California, and Arizona to increase support for President Obama and other Democrats. They can still take unlimited donations, and won't turn down big ones, but they're asking for $20 per month from donors, a much more low-key and accessible approach to fundraising than the one taken by most super PACs involved in the current election cycle. The other major Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA Action, for example, has raised $6.5 million during this election cycle and that's largely come from just two donors. "This is the beginning of what we're seeing as a decade-long effort to transform politics in this country," said Phillips.