Obama Backlash

Limbaugh Sides with the Elites

“An amazing story,” said Rush Limbaugh, the acerbic conservative radio talk-show titan, during a recent show, referencing editor-at-large Lloyd Grove’s feature in The Daily Beast called “ The Elite Turn Against Obama". The story, which looks at a fallout in President Obama’s elite, upper-echelon support base—many who gathered at this week’s Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado—sat well with a man not typically known for throwing in a kind word. Limbaugh went on to point out the story’s key figures—the New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson—and lauded how they all seemed to agree that Obama’s policies are encouraging laziness. “The damage that’s being done to this country purposely, and that we have to come to grips with it—finally, they’re saying it,” Limbaugh said.

Correction: This post originally said that White House Budget Director Peter Orszag and economic advisor Larry Summers agreed that Obama's policies are encouraging laziness. Summers and Orszag attended the Aspen Ideas Festival, but neither criticized President Obama's agenda while there. We regret the error.