Meet Yale's Quadruplets

After her three siblings received their online acceptance into Yale this week, Martina Crouch of Danbury, Connecticut, knew the pressure was on. “I was thinking, it’s going to be really awkward when I don’t get in,” Martina told The New York Times. Instead she received a computer message featuring Yale's bulldog mascot, welcoming her to the class of 2014. Her early-admission acceptance makes the Crouches likely the first set of quadruplets to ever be accepted at the Ivy League university. But whether or not they make history by attending is an open question given the economic realities of the day and financial aid will likely be a major factor. “We have to be practical,” Kenny Crouch, one of the four siblings, told the Times. At least one sibling has applied to Harvard and all four have also applied to the University of Connecticut, so the group could either split up among the Ivy universities or take the whole family elsewhere.