Mel Gibson's Career Seems Over

Mel Gibson seemed to weather the media firestorm that followed his drunk-driving arrest and anti-Semitic rant in 2006. A handful of Hollywood types called for a boycott, but Gibson’s apology tour somewhat smoothed things over. But the latest example of the actor’s bigotry—tapes of him threatening his girlfriend with awful racist and sexist taunts—is surely the final nail in the coffin. Gibson’s been dropped by his agency, William Morris Endeavor, just after his longtime agent Ed Limato died. He hasn’t been a bankable star much recently, even though peers like Bruce Willis still nab action roles. Gibson may be able to make movies under his Icon production banner, but who would consider working with Gibson worth the risk to his or her reputation? Though he may have an international audience left, and could make a movie exclusively for another continent, who in North America would bankroll it?