At Last

Mumbai Terrorist Siege Ends

Indian commandos finally killed the last Islamist terrorists barricaded in Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel, ending a three-day battle that has left at least 195 people dead and more than 300 people injured. Troops from India's crack Black Cats unit engaged in a running battle with the remaining terrorists through rooms and corridors this morning. Shortly afterwards, the Mumbai police chief, Hasan Gafoor, said his force had regained control of the hotel, where the terrorists used hostages as human shields. The Indian army found the terrorists were well trained. "At times we found them matching us in combat and movement. They were either army regulars or have done a long stint of commando training," a commando told the Hindustan Times. And they were well equipped. A bag found in the Taj contained 400 rounds of ammunition, grenades, identity cards, rations, $1,000 in cash and credit cards.