Nazi Hunters Target 17 Ex-SS Guards

Nazi hunters are searching for 17 former SS guards who worked at Majdanek, a German concentration camp in Poland where 80,000 to 150,000 people were imprisoned and killed. Germany’s Central Investigation Agency for Nazi War Crimes wants to charge the 17 suspects, including four women, with complicity in mass murder. Evidence for three of the suspects has already been handed to prosecutors, but director Kurt Schrimm said it “is somewhat problematical” because none of the survivors are alive to testify as eyewitnesses. While Germany is still pursuing former Nazis, in many cases those who are tracked down are deemed incapable of standing trial or there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute them. Schrimm added that Majdanek is a particularly difficult camp for which to prosecute workers because “there were no demarcated areas for the killings as in other Nazi camps.”