Opposite Day

NYT Slams Obama, GOPers Praise

Politico is calling it "friendly fire": The New York Times' top liberal voices all criticized President Obama this weekend, with gripes ranging from the economy to national security. Maureen Dowd accused the White House of treating Wall Street's worst with "kid gloves" and Geithner of being an i-bank apologist; Frank Rich called bonus-gate Obama's 'Katrina Moment'; and Thomas Friedman said America has "an absence of inspirational leadership." Meanwhile, Republican leaders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg lauded Obama on Sunday's Meet the Press. Bloomberg said Obama "deserves a lot of credit" for following up on campaign promises, and that the president has been able to "galvanize Congress" and "galvanize the country" to fight the recession. Schwarzenegger thanked America's collectively lucky stars "that this president is listening" to what we need.