Officials Tracking 'Mumbai-Style' Attacks

U.S. and European officials warned Tuesday that they have been tracking a terror plot for weeks that would target multiple countries, including Britain, France, and Germany, though some media are reporting that the attacks have been foiled. Law-enforcement officials in the U.S. said terrorists were planning a series of “Mumbai-style” raids on areas considered to be “economic or soft” in the countries; while earlier reports said the United States may have been a target, NBC News now says there is "no U.S. dimension" to the plots. The CIA has stepped up drone attacks in Pakistan to target the al Qaeda units suspected of planning the terrorist plots, which were reportedly approved by Osama bin Laden. A captured German citizen reportedly told officials that there is a team of terrorists with European passports that have been dispatched from training camps in Waziristan and Pakistan to carry out the attacks. Paris has been on high alert for a terrorist attack, and evacuated both a train station and the Eiffel Tower earlier Tuesday.