Palin Raised $1.2M in Last Quarter

This means everyone can start speculating if she’ll run for president for the 1,000th time. Sarah Palin’s PAC, SarahPAC, raised more than $1.2 million in the third quarter of 2010. SarahPAC also spent a little over $1 million, giving almost $100,000 in donations to conservative candidates, and spending $205,000 on direct-mail solicitations and $38,000 on Internet fundraising. She’s not leading the pack in fundraising among 2012 presidential contenders, however: SarahPAC has raised $4.6 million since the beginning of last year, while Mitt Romney has raised $7.7 million. Meanwhile, in her Senate race, Nevada conservative Sharron Angle has poured more than $14 million into her coffers in the last quarter alone.