Grizzly Attack

Palin Swipes Maureen Dowd

Apparently The New York Times opinion page doesn’t make Sarah Palin’s regular reading list, though we guess Katie Couric could have told us that. In an interview with Fox News, Palin responded to a scathing column from Maureen Dowd, saying “That’s so funny because I don’t think I’ve ever met that gal, Maureen Dowd—O’Dowd—whatever the heck her name is,” GOP 12 reported Tuesday. Dowd’s October 16th column attacked a group of female Tea Party candidates and their “Queen Bee Sarah.” Palin went on to dismiss Dowd, encouraging “liberty-loving Americans to just keep smiling.” The mainstream media, she said, was just getting “all wee-weed up” about her “mama grizzlies.”