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Queen Camilla? Don't Bet Against It...

How do you feel about the prospect of Queen Camilla? Despite publicly stating that Camilla will not be Queen, instead taking on the title of princess consort, in private Charles and his wife are less cautious, and Charles has previously made no secret of his desire that Camila be crowned Queen if/when he ascends to the throne.

And now, with Charles taking on more and more of the responsibilities of monarch, effectively entering into a job share with the Queen, we are beginning to see the first signs of a fresh push for the idea of Queen Camilla to be taken seriously.

Earlier this month, Camilla was by Charles' side as he attended the opening of parliament for the first time in decades, now, Camilla has undertaken her first international solo engagement, speaking French for the first time in half a century during a two-day trip to Paris at the Emmaus charity workshop and community which helps homeless people.

Addressing the crowd, Camilla said: "I hope you will forgive my rather rusty French," although in fact her delivery was very good.

But it is interesting that the idea of Camilla undertaking solo engagements which would have been laughed out of court a few years ago is now actually happening.