Rep. Caught Soliciting Lobbyist Funds

Well it doesn’t appear to be selectively edited this time: Andrew Breitbart’s website, Big Government, has obtained a recording of a voicemail from Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) in which she asks a lobbyist to give her money. “I noticed that you have given to other colleagues on the transportation and infrastructure committee,” she says. “I am a senior member ... [and] I was frankly surprised to see that we don’t have a record as far as I can tell of your having given to me despite my long and deep work … in your sector.” Holmes says she’s “simply candidly calling to ask for a contribution.” Big Government says several of Holmes’ actions were unethical and possibly illegal: She appears to have used FEC reports for information to solicit campaign donations; and giving the appearance that her solicitation of funds is related to action she has taken and will take in her official capacity.