Report: Georgia Sheriff Exposed Himself, Fled Police

A sheriff in suburban Atlanta has been charged with two misdemeanors after allegedly exposing himself in a park and then fleeing from an officer. DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was charged with indecency and obstruction after being observed in Piedmont Park on Saturday night in an area said to be known for “sexual acts after dark.” Mann said in a statement that he would clear his name after what he called a “misunderstanding.” According to a police report, Mann exposed himself and then walked near an officer. When he came within about 10 feet of the officer, he began to run away. He eventually gave up after a quarter-mile foot chase. Mann was released from the Atlanta City Detention Center early Sunday morning on bond. DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester called Mann’s arrest “embarrassing.” She added, “It’s certainly not a good headline for DeKalb County.”