The New GOP

Romney Wins Straw Poll

With Democrats controlling both branches of Congress and the executive branch, Republicans are scrambling to find a new leader. But who will fill the roll? Depending on how you read the indicators, it could be Mitt Romeny, the Massachusetts governor who, for the third time in a row, won conservative activist convention CPAC's annual straw poll. Romney won 20% of the vote, while Louisiana's Bobby Jindal won 14% without even being present. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (also absent) and firebrand Texas libertarian Ron Paul tied for third place. One person conservatives definitely don't want: George W. Bush, who drew comparisons to Obama for "big spending." Romney's first CPAC win, in 2007, launched the then little-known governor into the ring with the Republican Party's heavyweights; however, some would argue that Mitt's spectacularly costly, failed bid for presidential nominee means Romney's star is waning.