Super Bowl XLIV

Saints Win 31-17

Bourbon Street has a new reason to get rowdy. The New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl in team history on Sunday night. After the Colts dominated in the first half of the game, the Saints returned after halftime hungry for the Vince Lombardi trophy. The third quarter kicked off with back-to-back touchdowns from both teams before the Saints dominated in the nail-biting fourth quarter. They challenged a two-point conversion when Lance Moore dropped the ball in the end zone. Referees ruled in New Orleans' favor since players no longer have to maintain possession all the way through the catch and the Saints took a 24-17 lead. They continued marching as the clock wound down when Tracy Porter picked off Peyton Manning, jetting 74 yards down the field for a crowd-rousing touchdown, expanding the Saints lead 31-17 to with just three minutes left. Despite disappointment, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning lead a record-making 96-yard touchdown drive, tying with the Chicago Bears for the longest drive in Super Bowl history.