Syria Lawmakers Resign in Protest

After security forces killed at least 12 mourners in funeral processions in Syria on Saturday, two politicians resigned from parliament amid escalating unease over the government’s deadly crackdowns. Nassar al-Hariri, a member of Syria’s parliament from Daraa, said on al-Jazeera TV: “I can’t protect my people when they get shot at, so I resign from parliament.” Another parliamentary member from Daraa, Khalil al-Rifae, followed suit shortly thereafter. Al-Hariri and al-Rifae are the first politicians to step down during Syria’s political crisis, proving that even government members are wary of the country’s teetering state and of the regime’s use of lethal force on peaceful protesters. In response to President Obama’s speech condemning the largest and bloodiest demonstrations yet on Friday, the Syrian government issued a statement Saturday expressing “regret” at his remarks and calling them “irresponsible.”