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The Obamacare Quiz: How Dumb Are You?

When and if the health-care exchanges go live, they will mean vast changes in the way millions of Americans buy insurance. Yet many of us don't understand the first thing about it. Take our quiz and see if you’re smarter than the average American.

The first Affordable Care Act deadline is fast approaching, and the Internet’s abuzz with equal parts panic and jubilation over the October 1 launch of health-care exchanges. Say what?

Sad to say, many of us have no idea what the exchanges are—or, for that matter, what any of this means for our actual lives. According to one recent, apparently reputable, poll, just 20 percent of Americans say they know “a lot” about the ACA, 52 percent say they know “some”, and 26 percent know “not much” or “nothing at all.”

And yet, the Affordable Care Act has been the single most polarizing piece of legislation during Obama’s tenure—and three years after its passage, it’s still threatening to shut down the entire government.

Take our quiz and see if you know enough about Obamacare to survive the next few months (or, at the very least, to sound smart at a dinner party). Then, see how you did.

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