The Palins in Print

Just because Sarah Palin's out of office doesn't mean she's off the shelves. After the Alaska governor announced her resignation on Friday, the publishing world wondered: what's going to happen to her book deal? According to Jeffrey Trachtenberg at The Wall Street Journal, Palin's memoir—originally slated for spring 2010—is very much still on. A Harper spokeswoman told Trachtenberg that, despite Palin's resignation, her book will still be "huge." "Even though she's stepping down, people will want to hear her story," the spokeswoman said. "This is her opportunity to tell her own story her own way." Meanwhile, Palin-family bete-noir Levi Johnston is planning a book of his own, The New York Post reports. According to his bodyguard and publicist, Tank, Bristol's baby-daddy is shopping a tell-all, as "there are still may untold stories about the Palins."