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This Is Why Anyone Starting A Business Needs This App

It keeps you organized, focused, and moving forward with your brilliant idea.


By The Beast

Almost anyone with a solid entrepreneurial streak has had a great business idea (or two) pop into their head late at night or during the morning commute. And while novel-sounding ideas might be plentiful, once you put those ideas down to paper (or let's be honest — word processor), it's hard to find the momentum to figure out what to do next. Sure, you might have polled your friends and family and gotten a good initial feedback, but actually bringing your idea to life requires a lot more work.

If you’re successful in business, you know that there's a tangible difference between having just a business plan, and a business plan that helps you secure funding. It's the thing you hand over to a board or executive alongside your presentation, so you can get the funding you need to launch. Business plans are like financial portfolios, compelling stories, impressive design work and fully realized branding — all wrapped into a neat package. Sound intimidating? We get it — but like most things in this world, there's an app for it, and it’s called Bizplan.

Bizplan is a centralized dashboard where you can break down the planning process of a business into digestible pieces, so you're organized and ready to get it off the ground. It helps you perfect your pitch, set goals, track your progress on those goals, and even helps you see if you need to refine and revise your vision as you go.

Templates might not be your thing, but you’ll get into the ones that Bizplan provides. Multiple drag-and-drop variations help you organize your content and complete the vital parts of your project, such as team salary forecasts, revenue projections and even import financial data from the tools you already use, like Xero and QuickBooks.

Bizplan even makes team collaboration easier, with threaded comments in all sections of the business plan so you can keep discussions focused and resolve issues in an organized way. If you’re tackling a problem and the solution isn’t coming immediately, you can save it for later, and move on to another part. Bizplan’s progress tracking feature ensures that those shelved issues won’t slips through the cracks.

Finally, you'll produce an end-product that not only helps you navigate your way when the business waters get a little muddy, but you'll produce an impressive business plan that'll help you build the company you've always dreamed of. Usually, this lifetime subscription to Bizplan Premium is $2,940, but you can get it now for $69, or 97% off.

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