Top 6 Moments From Sunday Talk

Judd Gregg goes after Obama, Arnold backs the president after the Special Olympics gaffe, Tim Geithner finds a supporter, and you’ll never guess who Eliot Spitzer has some tough words for…

Judd Gregg Slams Obama, Uses B-Word

So what if President Obama was almost his boss? Senator Judd Gregg came out swinging on CNN’s State of the Union, saying of the president’s budget, “The practical implications of this is bankruptcy for the United States.” Ouch.

Arnold Takes Obama’s Side on Late-Night Gaffe

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose mother-in-law founded the Special Olympics, has nothing but sympathy for President Obama’s bowling quip. Could it be that The Governator has made a few slips himself?

Spitzer Shows Sympathy for Self, Not Hank Greenberg

In his first televised interview since his resignation—what strange timing, a cynic might note—Elliot Spitzer admits his own failures, but is also quick to point out those of former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg.

Even White House Is Not Sure About the AIG Bonus Tax

In what may be considered a gaffe by proxy—or perhaps just an honest moment—Vice President Joe Biden’s economic adviser counters worldwide sentiment and tells George Stephanopoulos that a surgical tax on executive bonuses may be going too far.

Romer: You’re Doing a Great Job, Timmy

Just about everyone has been questioning Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s ability to lead, but Obama’s economic adviser Christina Romer dismisses the discussion as “silly.” Chris Wallace of FOX News Sunday doesn’t seem to think it’s so funny.

McLaughlin Guest Rises Above Populist Simplifications

During a week in which everyone in the news business was trying to outdo himself in being outraged by AIG, we have a breath of fresh air in Krishna Guha of the Financial Times. Guha explains how little the bonuses are in comparison to other problems AIG faces, and what the consequences may be if the scandal derails future intervention by the government.