Trevor Noah: Democrats Got Played by Mitch McConnell

‘The Daily Show’ host doesn’t know why Dems would ever trust “the biggest player in the Senate.”

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah thinks the media has been missing something important as they break down the “winners and losers” of the three-day government shutdown that ruined Donald Trump’s weekend.

On the one hand, The Daily Show host said Democrats won “because they got children’s health care, 2018 campaign ads, and Mitch McConnell had to pinky promise to hold a vote on immigration in the next few weeks.” At the same time, he added, “Maybe that meant they lost because they got a promise from Mitch McConnell,” who he called “the biggest player in the Senate.”

“So I guess Republicans also won,” Noah added, because “all they had to do was give a flimsy promise and then the Democrats backed down, reopened the government, and on top of that they snuck in $30 billion in additional tax cuts, which you didn’t even know about.”

“So in a way, I guess everyone kind of won. I mean, unless I’m forgetting someone,” he said. “Oh yeah, the people that this whole goddamn issue was about.”

Noah was talking about the DREAMers, who “came away from this shutdown worse off than before because, before it all became about winning or losing, even Republicans believed that DACA kids deserved a chance in the U.S.” Because “once the shutdown became about scoring political points, suddenly Republican leaders turned these people from DREAMers to ‘illegals.’”

While President Trump once expressed his “love” for the DREAMers, now he was tweeting that the Democrats were “holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration.”

“Look, if you’re a DREAMer, it’s not completely unexpected that Republicans would turn on you,” Noah said. “But you’re probably not that impressed with Democrats either, because time and time again they’ve promised the DREAMers more than they can deliver.”

“Here’s the thing, Democrats: I believe that you’re trying to help the DREAMers, but you may be setting unrealistic expectations when you know you don’t have power and you keep making promises, only to back down,” he added, “I’m not going to lie: That doesn’t make you look great.”

“This is what sucks for DREAMers about this whole situation: You’re six weeks away from being deported from the only country you’ve known and the only thing that stands between you and an answer is a man with more broken promises than chins,” Noah concluded, referring to McConnell. “To me, that doesn’t sound like a dream, it sounds like a nightmare.”